Guidelines for Users page

Walk-through of the subpage “Users”.

View or create Primary contact person users for Sani analytics.


For each Primary contact person with an account in Sani analytics, you can view their name, email, and role type.

Add Primary contact person

Go to guide.

Hygiene mentors can only be added, viewed, and edited in Sani analytics by users with Primary contact person access.


Once a user has been created, it is only the name that can be changed.

Deleted users are deleted from the database permanently and cannot be restored. 

Sort function

By clicking on the column header, you can sort by any column. It sorts from low to high or A-Z, but if you click twice it sorts from high to low (Z-A). 


Search feature


Lookup users by their email or name.

Note: The search field does not work if the search text contains white space.