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Guide: How to have your colleagues sign up for Individual Motivation weekly reports

This guide is for Hygiene mentors or Primary contact persons at hospitals that have acquired the service Individual motivation

Guide for signing up using our Sign up app:

  1. Have the phone provided by Sani Nudge ready

  2. Ensure that Bluetooth is on

  3. Ensure that the phone has internet connection

  4. Ensure that there are no other Sani IDs within a range of 3 meters - preferably be in a room without any other Sani IDs

  5. Open the app “Sani Analytics – Individual motivation sign up”

  6. Click through to the signup screen and provide

    1. Name (optional)

    2. Work email

    3. Repeat work email to ensure the correct email has been inserted

    4. User must opt-in/accept terms and conditions

  7. Then click “Sign up”

  8. User should then have their Sani ID ready – take it off and have it ready in your hand, then click “Next”

  9. Now place the phone on a table, so it becomes easier to sign up

  10. Place the Sani ID on the circle and press “Next”. Important: the user should hold it there until the phone prompts a message

  11. Hold the Sani ID on the circle while the phone scans for Bluetooth signal. Keep it there until it prompts a message

  12. When the Sani ID is signed up it says “Completed”

  13. The user should check their email for a confirmation email. If they haven’t received one, the sign-up may have failed. Important to check the spam folder!

  14. The following Monday after signing up, the user will receive an email with their own, anonymous hand hygiene data.

Potential failures:

  • It is critical to prevent that other Sani IDs are mistakenly signed up. If there are Sani IDs nearby their signals will be caught by the app, so it is important to keep them 3 meters away. It is advised to sign up in a room without any IDs other than the one being scanned. If the Hygiene mentor helps their colleague signing up she/he should remember to remove their own Sani ID during scanning. 

  • If a Sani ID by mistake is signed up, you will need to contact us.

  • If a user loses their Sani ID they will have to sign up with a new Sani ID and you should inform us.

  • Weekly emails with the individual motivation reports may end in their spam folder – please inform Hygiene mentors that they must advise colleagues to check spam.