Guide: How to switch out an old Sani ID with a new one

This guide is intended for Hygiene mentors who need to switch a Sani ID, e.g. because it has run out of battery.

If a Sani ID has run out of battery or is faulty, then you can replace the Sani ID with a new one. Make sure you have a new Sani ID with the right staff type available at hand, and then follow the guide below: 

  1. If the staff member subscribes to Individual Motivation, the user must start by unsubscribing from the service. You can do this at the bottom of any Individual motivation email the user has received.
  2. Next, remove the existing Sani ID from the name tag or clip. You may need a sharp object like a butter knife to twist the Sani ID off. 
  3. Put the old Sani ID aside, and save it until you can return it to your Sales contact person.
  4. Now, take a new Sani ID with the same color on the backside as the old one. This is important to ensure that the Sani ID is categorized within the correct staff category. 
  5. For name tags: remove the outer layer from the sticker on the Sani ID, and glue it on the name tag. For clips: remove the outer layer from the sticker on the clip and place it on the backside of the Sani ID.
  6. If you are using the Individual Motivation service, the user must re-subscribe to Individual Motivation using the Individual Motivation webapp following this link