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Healthcare workers: Guides and tips

The 'Healthcare workers'-page provides you with an overview of healthcare workers signed up for Contact Tracing.


Healthcare workers


On the 'Healthcare workers'-page, you can quickly get an overview of people signed up for Contact Tracing and the number of Sani IDs that still need to be signed up. 

How to edit the name or email address of a healthcare

If the name or email address is incorrect, press the edit button and change the information. Please contact your Sani Nudge representative if you have changes to the 'staff type' or questions. 

How to sign up healthcare workers to use Contact Tracing

Healthcare workers do it themselves, using the link to the sign-up page. All they need is their Sani ID, an internet connection and a smartphone or desktop.

We know it can be challenging to prioritize smaller tasks like signing up for a new service in a busy work environment. To create enthusiasm about the project, we suggest hosting an information meeting about Contact Tracing and forwarding the link to your colleagues afterward. You can always follow along on the 'Healthcare workers' page to see who has been signed up and how many still need to be added.

When can I see that a staff member has been signed up?

Two days after a healthcare worker has signed up through the link, their details will appear in Contact Tracing on the 'Healthcare-workers'-page.

What does "Last activity" mean? 

Activity happens when a Sani ID is in contact with a Sani Sensor. If a Sani ID has not had activity within a defined period, please ensure that the Sani ID is worn at chest height and is not damaged or has run out of battery. If a new ID is needed, please reach out to your Sani Nudge representative, and they will give you a new Sani ID.

What is the Sani ID number?

It is the number you can see on each Sani ID and is the unique ID a healthcare worker is currently signed up for Contact Tracing with. You will likely never have to use it, but it might come in handy if you need to verify that a Sani ID is assigned to the right healthcare worker, want to check the battery level, or experience other issues.

Why is the name missing? 

Healthcare workers who wear a Sani ID but still need to be signed up for Contact Tracing will appear without a name. It helps you to get an overview of how many people still need to be signed up.