How can I improve my hand hygiene compliance?

There are many, like you, who continuously work towards improving their hand hygiene. From working with healthcare workers, we have gathered tips on how to improve your hand hygiene.

Learn about your individual hand hygiene

Knowing the status quo is essential for you to learn how to improve. If you have signed up for Individual Motivation reports it is your first step towards learning in which situations your hand hygiene is missing. Knowing that you can improve by targeting one hand hygiene situation at a time.

Focus on one hand hygiene situation at a time 

We have seen how our users have improved their compliance score by focusing on improving compliance for one situation at a time. You can for example start by focusing on improving hand hygiene after patient visits. Talk to your hand hygiene mentor about what the hand hygiene rules are for that situation, and have it as a focus for the week to bring up your compliance in those situations.

Help from colleagues

It is normal that we build routines and habits and sometimes it means that we are not always conscious about when we are not compliant in hand hygiene situations. Healthcare workers we have tested with have had success with gaining help from their colleagues. An outsider perspective may highlight where you forget to sanitize. Ask colleagues you work closely with to take notice of whether or not you remember to sanitize during the week and have them tell you directly in situations you forget it. It is a good way to discover what your weak areas are.