How to drive improvement with Team Insights

Team Insights provide a division overview of your team's members' hand hygiene performance split into four categories. This article provides you with tips for how to use the insights to drive improvement depending on their performance.

How to understand the data

You should use different improvement methods depending on how your team is performing. Team insights split your team's performance into four categories: 

Red: 0 - 25% compliance

Orange: 25 - 50% compliance

Light green: 50 - 75% compliance

Dark green: 75 - 100% compliance

The majority is Red.

Screenshot 2023-05-09 at 08.55.26

To drive improvement, focus on the following for 8 hours per unit each month:

  • Basic hand hygiene training + IPC team visits.
  • Share data on the team's performance frequently and talk about barriers with them.
  • Campaigns to make the team understand that low compliance harms them and the patients.
  • Leadership emphasizes the importance of hand hygiene practices.
  • Local role modeling by senior healthcare workers (hygiene mentors/champions).
  • Share data on low compliance (emails, meetings, print it out).
  • Speak with each staff member to understand why compliance is low.
  • Investigate if dispenser availability and placement are sufficient.

The majority is Orange.

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To drive improvement, focus on the following for 4 hours per unit each month:

  • In-person hand hygiene training by IPC
  • Team motivation and leadership backing.
  • Peer-to-Peer accountability: Explain that it is a team effort to help each other stay compliant.
  • Build a culture where reminding each other to perform hand hygiene is okay. 
  • Ensure that the team understands that performing hand hygiene is a priority.

The majority is Light green.

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To drive improvement, focus on the following for 2 hours per unit each month:
  • Games, competitions, and incentives (cake, cookie, candy)
  • Celebrating the previous week's best performer
  • Talk about the differences in compliance between staff groups, rooms, and periods
  • Personalized education: Individual staff members understand their data (use Individual Motivation)
  • Highlight that there are still some people on the team that needs everyone's support.

The majority is Dark green.

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To drive improvement, focus on the following for 1 hour per unit each month:
  • Continue sharing data to sustain a satisfactory level. Compliance above 75% is the goal. 
  • Host games and competitions.
  • Continue celebrating high performers.
  • Look into who the low performers are to understand their situation.