Guide: How to sign up for Individual motivation

This is a guide for how to sign up to receive individual data

All you need is:

  • Phone or computer with camera and internet access
  • Your Sani ID
  • Your hospital's unique signup link


Sign up step by step:


1. Open the signup link in your browser using phone or computer 

Each Hygiene mentor can find the URL to sign through at the Individual Motivation page in Sani Analytics. The Hygiene mentor should share the URL with everyone who wants to sign up e.g. print it out and share it through email.


sign up screen

2. Provide information. Provide name, email, and workplace, and select between Danish, Italian, and English as the language for the emails.






3. Scan the QR code on your Sani ID

Scan the QR code on your Sani ID or manually enter the characters. When you manually enter the Sani ID characters, a dropdown will appear. Select the sequence of characters that match your Sani ID.

Scan or type



QR scan





4. All done! Check that you have received a confirmation email

Unless the Hygiene mentor has put Individual Motivation emails on hold, you will start to receive your individual data the following Monday. 




Email already used warning

Please note: Only one Sani ID can be registered to an email. If you try to sign up with an email that is already in use, you will get a warning box.

Replaced Sani ID

If you have replaced your Sani ID and signing up to Individual Motivation again, you should press "Yes, continue" to the warning box.


New user

If you are a new user, you must go back and type a different email address.