Why is there not enough data to see my Individual Motivation report?

There can be different explanations for this. Please check if any of the situations below match your situation. For healthcare providers:

  • Are you wearing your Sani ID every day? And is your Sani ID placed firmly on your chest in line of sight to each sensor as you use the alcohol or soap dispenser?
    An ID that is improperly placed may not activate your data to be recorded, impacting your score. You can wear the sensor behind an isolation gown and still be registered, but if you wear it in a pocket it might not.

  • Have you been in close contact with patients that are in bed? Doctors will have less data than nurses because their workflow is different - they are often in fewer hand hygiene situations than nurses. The Sani nudge system is configured to capture when you have contact with patients, so if you have only been in a patient room talking with a patient, but not close to the bed and the patient it may be the reason why you don't have enough data on patient rooms. Additionally, the setting is that you need to be near the patient for some time, so if you have only been close to their bed for a very short moment it is likely you have not been detected in the patient zone.

  • Have you been working?
    You need to have sanitized your hands at least 5 times before your compliance is calculated. So if you have been on vacation or not working for a week the system will not calculate a compliance score for you. 

  • Changed work situations?
    The type of work that you are doing could be impacting your score. Have you been on vacation recently? Perhaps you have been doing more clinical or administrative work than usual? The types of situations that you take part in could influence whether or not you are in the type of situations that are monitored. To ensure your anonymity, we only show data when there are sufficient data points for each healthcare worker. Changed work situations may be the explanation why there was not enough data collected on you to show compliance. Your Hygiene mentor can explain this to you in detail.

  • Sani ID battery

    When did you receive your Sani ID? The IDs typically have a battery life of 1-2 years so if it has been a while, perhaps the battery is getting low which may explain why data is not collected. If you suspect this you should contact your Hygiene mentor who can help you verify.

  • It is only for some room types I can't see the data 

    Is it only in one room type that you cannot see compliance data? E.g. patient rooms but you can see data for other room types? Then it indicates that you have not been in enough situations to calculate compliance. To ensure anonymity, we only display data when there is a sufficient amount of data.

    If you still have questions, you should reach out to your Hygiene Mentor for help.