Weekly Improvements: Guide & tips

The Weekly Improvements page shows hand hygiene on room type level, so that you can learn which rooms your team is performing well in and where you need to place more focus.

You can compare the recent hand hygiene level with a reference period from earlier. This way, you can see your progression.

Weekly improvements

Bar charts

The bar charts show a single ward's average hand hygiene level for each room on a weekly basis. Each bar shows the hand hygiene for a full calendar week (Monday-Sunday). The bar chart is split into two parts. The part to the left is the reference period. The part to the right shows the average hand hygiene level for the past 6 weeks.

Clean rinsing room 2-1

Reference weeks

At the top of the page, there is the opportunity to select the reference weeks you would like to compare the most recent data with. We recommend that you choose weeks near the start of installation or during the baseline so you can get an idea of how much your team has improved since.

Reference weeks

Hand hygiene opportunities

When you hover your mouse over the bars, a number appears. This reflects the amount of times the healthcare workers were in situations where they should perform hand sanitization, either before and/or after entering the room. 

Weekly improvements with hover 3

Patient visits (within zone)

For the Patient rooms, you can choose to see the hand hygiene level for hand hygiene situations before entering the room, after entering the room or as an average of both. Use the selector on the top right corner of the Patient room bar chart.

Weekly improvements after patient contact

Before patient contact is the hand hygiene level only considering if the staff members remembered to sanitize before they entered the patient zone.

After patient contact is the hand hygiene level only considering if the staff members remembered to sanitize after they left the patient zone.

Average hand hygiene: Shows the overall hand hygiene level for patient rooms, considering both before and after patient contact. 


The icon in the top right corner of each bar chart will, when hovered over, display the hand hygiene rule for that room. 


How can I use this data?

First, you should navigate to the ward that you are most interested in viewing the hand hygiene for. 

Second, scroll down the page to view the hand hygiene levels at each room type

Third, check the hand hygiene level before and after patient contact in the patient room bar chart.

Fourth, print out the room types you find most interesting to share with your team. We recommend you to both, show a good room and a bad room to encourage a discussion. 

Finally, show your colleagues and employees the data. Encourage communication and discussion surrounding hand hygiene. 

Further help

Use Essentials to get an overview of the compliance at the hospital and identify the wards that need most help. 

Use Team Insights to target specific staff groups that are performing poorly in hand hygiene. 

Encourage your healthcare workers to sign up to Individual Motivation so they can improve their own hand hygiene scores.

Take advantage of the nudging feature in Intelligent Nudging to remind and reinforce good hand hygiene behaviour.