Intelligent Nudging: Guide & tips

Intelligent Nudging allows hygiene mentors to be in control of the Sani Nudge system. Hygiene mentors can turn on the nudging feature that encourages healthcare workers to use the system, as well as provide a positive reward for doing so.

Intelligent nudging overview


The intelligent nudging page in Sani Analytics looks different for the Hygiene mentor and the Primary contact person. For the Primary contact person, the table on this page displays all the wards at the health care facility. The Hygiene mentor can only see the table row for their own ward.

On the far left, you can see the hand hygiene level of the ward for the day before. On the far right, you can see the status of the nudging. It is only the Hygiene mentor for the ward who can turn the nudging on/off in Sani Analytics for the ward they are assigned to. 

Intelligent nudging tableview

The nudging 

The nudging consists of a green light that appears on the sensor when the user has performed hand hygiene. The green light works as a positive reinforcement, which is called a reward for performing hand hygiene. 

In the beginning, when nudging is turned on, staff will notice the light and the hand hygiene level increases (if the user is aware of the hand hygiene rules in the hospital). As with all nudging, users will eventually become blind to the nudging, therefore nudging should only be used once in a while to boost the hand hygiene level.

How can I use this data?

We recommend that nudging maximum is turned on for about a week or two at a time. Then, using Essentials, you can keep track to see whether the ward is increasing their hand hygiene. Remember to include your healthcare workers in discussions about how they feel about the system. Perhaps they need a reminder of the hand hygiene rules. 

It will take up to 24 hours from when you turn on nudging in Sani Analytics until the sensors start to nudge. The same counts for turning it off again.

What is nudging? 

Read this article about how Sani Nudge's sensors use nudging to improve hand hygiene. The nudging you are able to turn on in the Intelligent Nudging page is "reward" only. The cue can be activated by contacting 

Further Help

Use Essentials to get an overview of the compliance at the hospital and identify the wards that need the most help. 

Take a look at Weekly Improvements to identify the room types at the wards with the lowest and highest compliance. 

Use Team Insights to target specific staff groups that are performing poorly in hand hygiene. 

Encourage your healthcare workers to sign up for Individual Motivation so they can improve their own hand hygiene scores.